Well… The best laid plans of mice and men… Final Blog!

Mmmmm… Lets see, Lobster salad sandwich for lunch, grouper ceviche for apps with friends and snapper for dinner and breakfast

I was stopped before I even got started. I have a new, pretty serious health issue that reared it’s ugly head a couple of weeks ago and will now have to postpone any thoughts of travel until I get it resolved. So I guess that I’ll put the boat up for sale starting right now, for real, and then if I get my issues resolved before the boat sells, I’ll make my final boat trip to the Bahamas at that time. As such, there’s no need for me to blog or plan on blogging at the moment… The good thing for you is that the boat is totally ready to go and all maintenance even that which wasn’t yet due, has been done. Not only the oil & filter, but fuel filter, raw water impeller, hydraulic steering change out of hydraulic fluid and full bleed, tweeked the dripless shaft log adjustment and updated the electronics firmware. Literally, if you de- winterize the boat, put food and water aboard, she’s ready and worry free to take you anywhere! No, REALLY!

I must say that I’m hugely thankful for my past experiences! I’ve been cruising far and wide for almost 40 years now and fortunately didn’t wait for my retirement to do so! As such, I really have no regrets! Enjoy!