“Li’l Dingy” is for sale now, but may make another trip to the Bahamas if I’m able… See Final Blog

2004 Aylward 25 long pilothouse diesel cruiser Sold!.

This boat is located in Washington, North Carolina @ $70,000.

I bought this boat 2 years ago and set out to build my perfect mini fast cruiser. The first year was spent rebuilding and upgrading everything so that for the rest of my boating career I could just use and maintain the boat and not really have to worry about any issues while I’m 30 miles offshore or in regions of the Bahamas where you’re truly on your own. Now that I’ve put in about 600hrs of labor and about $80,000 into her, I believe that I’ve succeeded in my goal!

This last spring I took the boat to the Bahamas for 3 months of cruising, spearfishing and seeing old friends. I was WAY comfortable! This boat has all the room a couple needs plus it has the advantage of way less maintenance, much lower cruising costs and the economical speed that a larger boat won’t give you! The best cruising speed for this engine is around 18mph which is affordable at a hair over 5gph!

Why am I selling this boat then? Well, I knew when I bought her that she would be my last boat. I was really planning to get 5 or more cruises to the Bahamas out of her before retiring from the cruising lifestyle. Unfortunately, the 2021, three-month cruise last spring showed me that it’s not in my best interest health-wise to continue long distance cruising. I have had health issues that, up until now, didn’t affect my ability to go cruising. Well, now they do and because I’m a offshore/Bahamas cruiser and not a weekend boater it’s not practical for me to keep the boat. I’m going to try a shorter one-month trip to the Bahamas this January/ February and maybe that’ll work better for me, but I have doubts… Anyhow, my loss is your gain…

I’m more than happy to deliver the boat on her own bottom anywhere on the East Coast